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Membership Information

Read this before you apply

Once activated, the Hurricane Watch Net operates continuously [24/7] until a storm is no longer a threat to life and property.

If you'd like to join the HWN, we require documentable NCS skills and an understanding that storms are always unscheduled events. Members of this group:
  • accept the inconvenient nature of the task and sign-up for duty
  • schedule themselves as necessary to guarantee constant coverage to the affected area and support for other HWN members
There will be an Operations Officer for every hour of every event; during operations, you are expected to implement his or her plan.

We announce activations and pass information via email. If that is not an absolutely reliable method of communication with you, do not apply.

We use online tools for scheduling, real time chat, and the filing of weather reports; you should be comfortable with that. Training is available for specific applications, but you must be competent using online applications. A good internet connection is essential.

Your station must allow you to hear and be heard (directional antennas and amplifiers are preferred). A strong station is more easily heard, and the antenna gain enables you to hear weak stations in difficult conditions. Storms and noise go hand in hand.

HWN's heritage is built on service during extreme conditions. We want men and women who can operate in a professional manner and accept the challenges emergency services personnel face every day, specifically with long hours and unpredictable schedules.

If this makes perfect sense to you, and you'd like to join us, then we welcome your participation.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site, and thanks also for showing your interest to be involved.

Net Management

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